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We will call you if you have test results which require further action. We will not ROUTINELY call you with normal results, unless otherwise requested. If you have concerns about your results, it is always best to arrange an appointment with your doctor to discuss these. Please keep your phone number updated with us so we can reach you.


If you have questions for your doctor it is best to make an appointment. Same day appointments are usually available for urgent matters. Please let our staff know if you believe your problem requires a visit prior to the appointment you have been offered. You may be asked to speak to one of the nurses to appropriately triage your concern. Telephone messages and requests will be answered when time permits.


We prescribe enough refills to last until your next appointment. Please be aware of how much medication you have left so that you can book an appointment with us before you run out. Pharmacists have the ability to fill a bridging prescription at their discretion and there may be a fee. Controlled medications such as narcotics must be renewed with your doctor. If you don't have an appointment to renew your medications with your doctor, then there will be a fee per prescription to be renewed. Having your physician review your chart, your latest blood work and indication for your medication prior to faxing a renewal is not an insured service under OHIP.

Disruptive Behaviours

We believe that all of our staff has the right to a safe work environment. We will not tolerate swearing, threatening language or aggressive behaviour in any form in person or on the phone. Patients who regularly exhibit disruptive behaviour will be asked to find another Family Doctor.

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