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Welcome Dr. Elena Maric!

On April 1, 2022 Dr. Maric joined Arbour Family Medicine and has taken over the practice from Dr. Mills. Dr. Mills has relocated to Health Canada. She will be greatly missed and we wish her well on her future endeavours!


 Antiviral treatment (Paxlovid)

- Complete the COVID-19 antiviral treatment screener to see if you are a candidate

-Need more information about the treatment?

-Where can I get the treatment? 

When assessed and recommended for treatment, there is no cost to any Ontario patient and a Health Card is not required.


Have COVID symptoms?

UPDATED - February 22, 2022

We continue to offer a combination of in person and virtual appointments. If you are calling for an appointment that entails a symptom that could be related to COVID you will be offered a phone appointment with a physician, unless emergency care is needed, in which case you will be directed to access the ER. While waiting for your phone appointment we ask that if you have access to a rapid antigen test to complete one and have your result ready to review with the physician on the phone. During your phone appointment you will be given further direction as to whether you require an in person appointment or not. 

If your child has symptoms of infection or COVID, we can start with a phone appointment and determine if they need to be seen. Another option, is the “Kid’s Comes First Clinic” where they can have an in person appointment right away. 

Please see the following Ottawa Public Health directives for more information regarding isolation requirements



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